Keep Him Happy: Balance a Fragile Ego and an Epic Ego

Keep Him Happy: Balance a Fragile Ego and an Epic Ego

Most guys come across as having a huge ego because they've been taught and told that you should fake it until you make it.

If you act confident and appear confident then you will be perceived as confident and will be more successful. It doesn't matter if that confidence is in the boardroom or the bedroom, confidence breeds success. This leads you to believe he has an epic ego that requires feeding, when in fact he more likely has a fragile ego that can be deflated with a caustic remark or glaring look. He may not tell you that you've hurt him. But he'll be moving toward the door with each day that you are disrespectful.

Guys can feel threatened easily, especially in matters of the heart.

They may be able to thwart an attack at work and come out smelling like roses but at home, the situation is a different story. This doesn't mean that you can't disagree. But, it does mean that you disagree respectfully. Bring rational judgment and avoid cruel remarks made in anger. Your anger will dissipate and you'll be left with a damaged relationship.

Bring out the best in your guy by motivating him and helping him to achieve his goals. Your goal is not to inflate an false ego but to build a strong sense of self in the man you love. You do this by treating him with respect, not disrespect. Men respond quickly and unabashedly to being respected for his opinions, his actions, his protection and provision. It doesn't matter if he's already a millionaire, he still wants to know that you respect him and feel protected with him.

If you don't feel he's a good provider,

then it's time to bolster his self-respect so he can achieve more in life. You won't get him to move forward, grow, take chances or learn more by belittling him or making him feel less than a man because he doesn't bring home as much as your neighbors, your friends husband or the guy you once dated.

You might believe that his ego is as big as the ocean, but underneath where he doesn't let anyone in (including himself sometimes) he's not nearly as self-confident or self-assured as he appears. It's difficult to believe sometimes that the man you feel can shoulder anything in the world, can be brought down by a glaring look or caustic remark from you. To the world he is strong and confident, but with you he is a fragile man who relies on his relationship with you to provide him with the strength he needs to protect you and provide for you.

keep your man happy

It's a cycle that revolves around his interactions with you and results in a strong relationship that can stand the test of time, or will break apart more quickly than you can imagine.

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