How to Keep Him Happy: Not All Sex

How to Keep Him Happy: Not All Sex

Although the prevailing information is that

all men want sex, sex and more sex AND that is ALL that will keep them happy, it's just not true.

Yes, men enjoy sex and so do women. Yes, they think about it more than women do and yes, they probably want it more than most women do. However, sex isn't the only thing that will keep them happy and home. In fact, it may not even rank in the top 3!

You may be tempted to ask your guy straight out what would keep him happy, the likelihood is that they can't identify all the factors or put a name to them anyway. Instead, it's important to keep your eyes open to his signals about what's important to him and make it important to you. Being innovative and taking the lead in the bedroom is just one place you can make changes to improve his happiness with your relationship.

You don't have to be a pretzel or do things you aren't comfortable with, but the missionary position isn't the only way. Experiment together and go only as far as you feel comfortable. He'll be grateful that you are trying and will respond in kind.

Take the lead in initiating sex, but not just in the bedroom. Suggestive texts or love notes increase the anticipation during the day and the satisfaction with the event. Send something to him at the office that only the both of you know means a late night rendez-vous. Create an air of mystery about what might happen.

Suggest a full body massage, co-shower or bath, or prepare a candlelit dinner of his favorite foods. Keep the menu light though! After dinner romps can be more challenging with a full stomach. Suggest having dessert in bed or watch a romantic movie together.

What you do before the event is as important as what happens during the event. Like most sports, quite a bit of what turns you on happens in your head. This means that titillating your guy before the event is just as important as jumping him the moment he gets in the door. Find what works for both of you and with which you are completely comfortable. If you want to do something revealing be sure that he's coming home alone and not bringing the boss or his friends. They might be jealous of him, but you'll end up embarrassed and unsure of trying something new the next time.

Sex is important in your relationship, as it is in every romantic relationship. However, it's important to keep a balance between what happens in the bedroom (or kitchen) and what happens in the rest of your communication. Communication is verbal, nonverbal and imagined. Stay out of the arena of what you imagine he's thinking or saying. If you aren't clear then ask. Otherwise you are just asking for trouble.

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