Women Like Men With Money

Women Like Men With Money

While it might sound a bit callous and shallow, women are programmed to look for men who are successful.

Men who had the biggest farm, caught the most game, had the most hides hanging in their tent or were the biggest and strongest would make the best mates to procreate the race and keep the next generation going strong. Millionaires are nothing more than better hunters and providers in the society in which we live today.

And, because of this, most women find them attractive. Financial security, ability to be cared for, their children cared for and a future generation of possibilities is just the beginning of why rich men attract more women.

Not all women are convinced that money is the brass ring.

And, these women are right. While money gives you financial security, it doesn't buy happiness, love, affection, joy or a strong relationship. Each of these things are separate from the bank account that you might have your eyes on. Unfortunately, some women keep their eyes on the money prize and after the wedding find they are attracted to other guys because their husband spends more time and energy at the office than he ever would with you.

There is a middle ground between marrying just for money and considering the finances of the man you are considering before falling head over heels in love. It is just as easy to fall for a man who is financially stable as it is to fall for a guy who is broke. In a study by University of Virginia sociologists, women who considered the finances of their future dates prior to falling love and marrying were more likely to be happier in the future than those who didn't care.

Women also have a desire to be cared for.

In many instances that caring can take the form of emotional commitment and caring but in others it can mean financial security.

How you define the ability of your man to care for you is personal and individual. Interestingly, that definition can also change as the relationship progresses and your character grows and develops. As a child your family may have been poor and unable to feed you every time you were hungry. For this reason you may be searching for just the right man to care for you for the rest of your life.

But, as you grow up and mature you find that you can also provide for yourself and the man you married isn't interested in your desires or needs. You are the trophy wife or arm candy at events but not his life partner. These are the factors to consider as you begin to evaluate your own needs for your future.

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