What You’ll Find in a Rich Man

What You’ll Find in a Rich Man

Dating and marrying a rich man carries specific challenges, obstacles, problems and perks. The perks of wealth, status and power should be fairly obvious. The challenges can be a bit more subtle.

Rich men have a higher hunting drive than others.

This means that they work harder, longer hours and might put their work before their women and families. For most women, this is a significant challenge that must be weighed against the other benefits. For some, financial security is more important that relational intimacy - for others it isn't.

Most wealthy men also believe that they deserve to have a little arm candy. It might sound shallow, but men are very visual creatures. They want to know that the woman on their arm is desired and wanted by other men. Because of their status and money and hard work - they reason that they deserve this. These women must be pleasing to the eye, intelligent, be able to speak comfortably and intelligently in public, can plan social events and have great manners.In other words, women who feel they fit the stereotype of the dumb blond need not apply.

While men want to earn more than the women in their lives, they don't mind if the woman is as intelligent - and possibly just a little bit more intelligent - than they are. They'd like to be earning more than the women in their lives, but they don't mind it when the women also have careers of their own in which they are successful.

Because of their status, money and desirability, most rich guys also have slept with more women and enjoy the attentions of many different women than you might have expected. Sometimes the additional attention and options lead these guys to experiment with more porn and adult entertainment than other men. And, they may feel entitled to continue the behavior once you and he are a couple. This kind of behavior is demoralizing to most women. While it is a challenge, when you know the possibilities up front, you can address them head on.

Men who are wealthy have the financial ability to take care of their women without as much effort as others. This might come to mean that the financial gifts he gives you don't have as much meaning because they didn't "cost" him as much as they may have if he didn't have the bank account. If this is the case, then talk about it. Gifts that don't cost money or which are small but exceedingly thoughtful can mean more than the extravagant 4 dozen red roses delivered after you date last night.

Although the roses are beautiful, you may have appreciated a single rose cut from his garden more than the ones he picked up the phone and ordered.

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